Corrugated Box Inkjet Printer

  • Corrugated box digital inkjet printer with auto feeder is mainly used in corrugated paperboard printing. It installed four or six pieces of digital printing heads. It is CMYK 4 colors water based ink system.

Model 2500AF-4PH 2500AF-6PH
Software Maintop, Xprint software Maintop, Xprint software
Picture format TIF, PDF, JPG TIF, PDF, JPG
Printing head Epson Epson
The quantity ofprintinghead 4 Heads 6 Heads
Max printing speed 380㎡/hour(1pass),190㎡/hour(2pass) 550㎡/hour(1pass),275㎡/hour(2pass)
Printing resolution 360*600DPI(1pass),360*1200DPI(2pass) 360*600DPI(1pass),360*1200DPI(2pass)
Printing color CMYK-4 colors CMYK-4 colors
Indoor temperature 15-28℃ 15-28℃
Humidity 20%-70% 20%-70%
Max board feeding size 2500x1400mm - automatic 2500x1400mm - automatic
Max board feeding size 2500x4000mm - manual 2500x4000mm - manual
Min board feeding size 600x350mm 600x350mm
Max printing size 2480x1360mm 2480x1360mm
The thickness of corrugated 1.5-15mm 1.5-15mm
X.Y drive Servo drive Servo drive
Operation system Above windows 7 Above windows 7
Air supply Max 1.0Mpa Max 1.0Mpa
Total power 4.8 KW 4.8 KW
Voltage supply 220V, 50HZ, single phase 220V,  50HZ, single phase
Machine weight 2100kgs 2100kgs
Machine dimension 4200x3500x1580mm 4200x3500x1580mm

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